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Hydro Seeding Mulch

(Untreated Cellulose Fibre)


Forget the rest, Ours is the best!

Our selected blend of cellulose fibres are the finest. This is important for assisting better coverage of seed and growth assistance.

The results are amazing, don't believe us?? Try for yourself.

Our Hydro Seeding Mulch is specially packaged in Compressed Bales, now shrink wrapped on pallets for easy storage at your factory or even loaded directly on your tray truck.

These bales are packaged in a strong Polyurethane Bag to keep the water out when you’re travelling to your next job. Due to our innovative packaging, Hydro Seeding Mulch breaks up easily when adding to your hydro seeder which saves time in the preparation process.


A leading hydroseeding mulch manufacturer.


The use of Cellulose fibre with your hydro-seeding assists with erosion control. It prevents weed growth, retains soil moisture and reduces germination time. It's also a great product when adding dye as an applicator for hydroseeding.

We always keep a good amount of stock for your hydro seeding requirements, or if you require paper pulp for other applications:

Sound Absorption, Fillers, Pet litters, Refuge odour supressants and many more.

The cost effective way to hydromulch.

If you require a large order or need more information, give us a call, email or fax us by going to the contact us page.


From one bale to a truckload, we always have plenty in stock and ready for you to start hydromulching.

If you are looking for a hydroseeding spray lawn service, Contact us and we will be glad to help.

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