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is manufactured in Australia from Cellulose, a superb, natural, thermal insulator, treated with a combination of fire retarding, vermin resisting chemicals.

Insulfluf above your ceiling will act as a thermal shield, making your home up to 10 degrees cooler in summer and up to 12 degrees warmer in winter.

This translates into a massive saving of up to 50% on your fuel bills.

During installation, by use of compressed air, it is funnelled through to the ceiling via a long flexible rubber duct.

The areas between the rafters are filled, blocking gaps and preventing any seepage of heat.


Once installed Insulfluf will not blow around or pack down, thus retaining its thermal insulating qualities indefinitely.


There are many inferior products on the market, don't risk it. 


Trust the brands with a long history & high reputation of quality.


Treated with Borax & Boric Acid which is:

  • Non Toxic.

  • Contains No Asbestos or Fibreglass.

  • Recommended for Asthma and Allergy sufferers.


Advantage and Unique Qualities are:

  • Noise Reduction of up to 9 decibels.

  • No Restrictions to Standard Sizes or Shapes because it has a “Fluid” consistency.

  • Cellulose fibre insulation is treated with a fire retardant which if a situation of a fire arises,

  • Insulfluf would help slow the spread of fire.


  • Insulfluf is fully compliant to AS 4859.1 & early hazard fire test standard AS/NZS1530.3.


We manufacture and sell Insulfluf

by the bag to DIY, Trade or installers. 

Each bag weighs approximately 16kg.

Ratings and coverage per bag with a professional high output blowing machine, as follows:

R2.5 100mm Depth 7.5m2

R3.0 120mm Depth 6.7m2

R3.5 140mm Depth 6m2

R4.0 160mm Depth 5.2m2

R5.0 200mm Depth 3.7m2

R6.0 230mm Depth 2.5m2

Different machines will give different outputs, if installed by hand, coverage will be less.

Please use the above as a guide only.

If you have any further enquiries, contact for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Cellulose fibre the most environmentally friendly insulation in the world?


Absolutely, it has the lowest embodied manufacture. Recycled materials are abundant, not to mention diverting it from landfill. Choosing Cellulose fibre is your way of choosing for the future....A greener future.


Q: Will Cellulose Fibre put strain on my ceiling?


No it won't, CSIRO testing shows that 10mm and 13 mm plaster board can easily accommodate the 10kg/m2 imposed load while satisfying the deflection limit specified in AS/NZS 2785:2000.


Q: How does Cellulose fibre insulate compared to other products?


Cellulose fibre is a  loose type of insulation which fills every part of your ceiling joist spacings leaving no gaps. Leaving minimal gaps when insulating is crucial for any home, if you have 1% of gaps which is not difficult you lose 10% of the products R rating, 5% you lose 50%.

It doesn't matter how much more you try to compensate by adding more insulation, the problem is the gap is still there.


Q: I hear from other companies that Cellulose fibre blows from one side of the roof to the other. Is this true?


No this is completely false. Insulfluf will not blow around under standard conditions just like any insulation.
If anyone tells you this, please let us know.


Q: I have been told my existing insulation needs to be removed, should I remove it?


It depends on a few things, how old the insulation is, what condition it’s in, how much dust is in the roof space.

During the rebate scheme, we had been notified of some backyarders removed perfect insulation so they could install their own in.

An assessment would able to determine what choices are available for you, in most cases topping up your existing solution is the proven best method. Understanding the importance of full coverage, Azelia Insulation can tailor any kind of insulation to a properly insulated home. Contact us for more information.


Q: Is Insulfluf Australian made and Owned?


Yes, we are proud to say Insulfluf is made right here locally in Dandenong, direct from the manufacturer to you.
Not only is our product Australian Made, we are a Local, family owned and run business.


Q: Is Insulfluf just a backyard company or an established reputable business?


Insulfluf has been in fitted in homes all over Victoria for over 50 years, we are an established business with years of expertise in this field. What this means to you is quality product from a reputable company.


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